NEVER buy a Dogue de Bordeaux or a French Bulldog without genealogical table!!


  The Dogue de Bordeaux is NOT a fighting dog.   
  Read more abouth it here.  
  The text is in Danish but you can use google translate.  
  Breed standard  
  The pictures is borrowed from Dan Colmorn. See his web-page under Links for DDB.  
  The Dogue de Bordeaux best known from the movie Turner and Hooch  
  Restrictions for breeding  
  How to measure your dogs hight, head and chest.  
  The pictures is only intended as a guide.  
  Borrowed from The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration  
  How to enter the DKK show  
  Borrowed from DKK  
  Read more abouth the shows here:  
  DKK's internationale shows  
  DKK's nationale shows.  

Show calendar for 2011 (DK) - Dogue de Bordeaux

  Date: Place: Judge: Club: Closing date:  
  12. febuar 2011 Fredericia  Gunnel Holm, FI DKK 08.01.2011  
  9. april 2011 Fladså Søren Wesseltoft, Dk DDDBK 05.03.2011  
  8. may 2011 Hillerød Rainer Vourinen, FI DKK 02.04.2011  
  04. june 2011 Tarm Jesus Sanches Pardo, ES DDDBK 15.05.2011  
  05. june 2011 Tarm Anne- Marie Class, FR DDDBK 15.05.2011  
  28-. july 2011 Vejen Rita Reyniers, BE DKK 18.06.2011  
  29-. july 2011 Vejen Ann Joe Sampaio, BR DKK 18.06.2011  
  30-. july 2011 Vejen Ole Stavnskjær, DK DKK 18.06.2011  
  31-. july 2011 Vejen Angel Garach Domech, ES  DKK 18.06.2011  
  18. september 2011 Bjerringbro Paul Baelen, BE DKK 13.08.2011  
  5. november 2011 Herning Bojan Matakovic, HR DKK 01.10.2011  
  6. november 2011 Herning Christine Rossier, CH DKK 01.10.2011  
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