Doguehill's Armagnac - Jack
  Born: 19-11-05  -  Dead: 03-05-10
  Reason: To big a heart.


  Jack was my 2 Dogue de Bordeaux but my very first
  show dog
  Jack was approved for breeding and
  Danish Champion.
  Despite that I have not used him for breeding and I
  have also taken him out of breeding because he had
  very bad skin and because I had found out that
  there is some bad hearts in his lines.
  Jack has in a couple of years put up with bad skin but
  got it was under control.
  He has always been a very special dog and was 
  always bymy site but hated to be in the
  exhibition ring.
  When I now sit with this knowledge, as I do I have
  found the red thread of Jack and his skin and
  his behavior.
  Jack went over the rainbow for Turner 04-05-10
  Because of fluid in the abdominal cavity which is
  caused by an excessive heart which came after he
  was older.
  Jack has never shown any sign of his weak heart and
  he have fortunately had a very good life.
  Jack is also clearly one of a kind and he will always
  have a very special place in my heart.
  He will always be loved & missed.
  Rest in peace my beautiful boy.







  Born: 05-01-99  -   Dead: 02-02-09


  Turner was my first Dogue de Bordeaux and the
  begining of Kennel Turners Pride.


  Turner was a lady with a BIG personality and
  she will always be loved and missed.


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